Advantages of container shipping

Most clients of Surrey removal companies who are looking for overseas removal solutions usually choose to use the sea freight rather than air freight. They are usually customers shipping their belongings to the farthest destinations like Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada. Ideal solution for customers for whom the waiting time for carry the goods is not critical in opposite to shipping costs, which are low comparing to air freight.

Sea ship containerContainer shipping is ideal for those who need to transport a large number of goods at the lowest cost. It allows transportation of goods in both large-scale and utter general cargo over long distances. It is very important part of Surrey removals industry. If you are planning to move overseas you should focus on larger moving firms, however, some well-prosperous Surrey man and van firms also offer international removals.

Another advantage is there a significant reduction in transport costs. Shipping containers have a really large capacity as high as more than 55 cubic meters, so you can carry a large amount of goods in a single freight, so that transport costs are spread across a large order, so cost per unit is considerably low.

Another very important advantage is the ability to carry the whole load deep in the country without the slightest need to unload containers. It is possible through trucks and trains which are special prepared to carry the entire container.

Container transport is distinguished by high degree of cargo safety: all modern containers have a strong construction and have a high level of water resistance.

Types of shipping containers

Containers stackContainers are not only the two most popular types: 20ft and 40ft (which for the purposes of transhipment statistics are determined accordingly as the equivalent of 1 and 2 TEU). The variety of requirements caused that it were introduced additional types, differ in size, structure or purpose.

Noteworthy are the High Cube containers. They differ in higher external height which is 9.6ft. This resulted in an additional 10m3 cargo volume. This type of container is designed specifically for the transport of spatial and higher cargo that can not be loaded into a standard container. Often used in maritime transport.

Container shipping

Most often containers are transported by ships. The most popular are container ships. These are specially constructed for this purpose watercrafts, that may take hundreds of containers during one cruise. They are so constructed that the loading and unloading was up fast and easy. Another type of vessel that is used to transport containers is semi-container ship. Its characteristic feature is that it can also carry other materials in the form of general cargo.

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