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Man delivering boxesMoving can be a nightmare - and that nightmare is that much worse if you are moving within London. After finding your new dream home, you then have to pack and clean your old home, and after all that you have to consider the logistics of moving. Those logistics become that much more complicated if you are moving within the capital: traffic is a nightmare, everything is that much more expensive, and there is barely a minute when the streets and roads aren't filled to the rafters with people and vehicles.


A Man with a Van Service Could Help you Move in Chiswick

If you are moving within Chiswick or to the surrounding areas, then hiring Surrey removals company is not the option for you. They are expensive and are designed for long-haul moves - across county moves, not across different London postcodes. A much more suitable service is to choose Surrey Man and Van service to help you with your needs. They will charge you a mere £15 an hour to rent out their van and will provide a man to drive it, as the name of the service suggests. Compare this to Woking removal companies, who can charge anywhere in excess of £200 pounds to help you move. Although a removal service will come into your home, load up the van for you, drive it to your destination and then unload all your belongings again - all that jazz will cost you dearly. If you already have a helping hand to load up a vehicle, then consider the services of a Man and Van service.

Moving sofa bedHiring a Man and Van service in Chiswick will be cheaper than the already mentioned removal service, but it will also be cheaper than hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself. A 3.5 tonne van, which is the van of choice for most Man and Van companies, will cost around £40 to rent for the day, probably more in the London area. On top of all that, you'll have to pay for insurance, the congestion charge and, of course, petrol. All that could end up costing you up to £100. Using a Man and Van service if you’re moving within Chiswick should only cost you around £15-30 as it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to move. If you have all your possessions packed up and ready to go when the Man and Van arrives, then moving within Chiswick should be doable in under an hour - that will mean you'll be paying only £15 to move all your things. For London, that is a bargain is ever you've seen one.

If you do hire out a van to drive yourself, then you must also consider how difficult it can be to drive a big vehicle in 3.5 tonne vans are not like driving a standard 3 or 5 door car - they are much heavy and are much more powerful. To drive a vehicle of that size in London you must possess a certain level of confidence in your driving ability.

On top of having confidence in your driving ability, you must also have confidence in your sense of direction. London - by all accounts - is an absolutely horrible place to navigate around. With all the winding, small, and hidden roads, knowing how to get to a road that is only 500 meters away could leave you baffled and confused if you don't know the area like the back of your hand. The man driving the van that you hire out will be an expert in London geography - it is his job to drive around the capital all day long. He will most likely possess a sense of direction that you do not have, especially if you are not originally from London.

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