Moving companies fake reviews

Fake opinionIf you are planning your Surrey house removals or organizing  warehouse relocation, you will definitely discover that there are a number of moving companies in the internet each claiming to offer you quality, hassle-free and flexible removals services. But from experience, some of these companies are fraudulent and fake. They don’t deliver on their promises. It is therefore paramount that you research on the moving company you want to hire. Reading the review of the company is one of the acceptable practices. But unfortunately, there are lots of fake reviews. Fake moving companies do hire freelancers to write reviews for them. Some companies write reviews for themselves. So, positive reviews are not enough to determine the reliability and reputation of Surrey shipping company. You have to scrutinize the reviews to ensure that they are from true clients and not paid online reviewers. Taking time and pains to discover fake reviews are very important. You are not just looking for packers and movers but a person that you can trust your valuables to. Here are some steps that you should follow in order to determine whether a site has fake reviews or not.

Check license of the moving company

Check licencesReliable and reputable Surrey moving companies are licensed by reputable organizations and bodies. These organizations have strict requirements and standards. Companies that are accredited and licensed by them definitely deliver quality services in compliance with the requirements and standard of the licensing body. So, they are much more likely going to satisfy their clients with quality services and thus get good feedbacks from them. They will not have any need to write their own reviews or hire people to write the reviews for them. If you have a licensed and accredited company, you have a body to turn to when poor quality service is delivered. This method of verification may fail if you are going to hire Surrey man with van team - unfortunately, not every have the appropriate licenses.

Number of reviews posted

Rating scaleWhen you are reading the reviews of any Surrey moving company, you should also check the dates the reviews are posted. If a lot of reviews were posted in a day or within few weeks by different people, you should beware of the company. The probability that these reviews were written by freelancers or employees of the company is very high. This does not mean that removals company may not get several reviews in a day. But there is always a limit to a number of reviews a company should get. Each facility has its capacity in terms of their moving equipment. If you are checking small Epsom removal companies, it may almost be impossible for small moving company to handle many moves at the same time and all the clients post the reviews on the same day.

Check several review sites

satisfaction guaranteedA fake company may not remember to post many reviews in different movers review site and even if they remember to post many reviews on these movers review sites, some of these sites have strict rules and measures to ensure that authentic reviews are posted. There should be certain level of consistence in a company’s review and rating on these sites. If you read several reviews from different review sites and they are saying similar things about the company, they are much more likely going to be a true reflection of the service of the company.


Check the language of the review

The intent of fake reviewers is to promote a company and lure people into buying the services of the company they are promoting. Their reviews will manifest this intention without their knowing it. So, when you are reading feedback left for a company, you should check the language of the review. If a site has many reviews that sound promotional or like an advert, it is likely that they are fakes. People don’t promote businesses in their reviews. Instead, they talk about their experience with the company.

Existence of many poor and excellent reviews

As it has been said above, there should be certain level of consistence in the review of a company. If your company has many positive reviews and many negative reviews, it is an indication that something is wrong somewhere. A good company is always good to all clients. Though, it may not satisfy all its clients, negative reviews should be few. If they are as many as positive reviews, it is much more likely that the positive reviews are provided by hirelings or the employees of the company to make up for their numerous poor reviews.

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