Reasons for moving to France

FranceFrance is among the popular destination of expats because of a number of various reasons that may include culture, climate, lifestyle, career opportunities and lots of others. Here we would talk about the top 10 reasons for relocating to France. If you are not sure whether it is a good destination, then here are the top 10 reasons to live in France, which will make that tomorrow you begin to look for reliable Camberley shipping firm.

High Life Quality

France ranks well on the life quality surveys done in the recent years and gives a relaxed and good life standards to you and your family. The living cost is low and the climate is warm, particularly in southern France. The culture is rich and varied not just in Paris, but all over France.

Family Friendly Atmosphere

If you are looking for moving from Camberley along with your wife and kids, you will be delighted to find that France is among the best of the places for raising kids. The atmosphere is very secure and there are numerous high quality schools. Moreover, it offers you a good work-life balance and low childcare costs.

Great Sightseeing

French sightseeingFrance is full of architectural and cultural wonders along with amazing landscapes. If you are fond of travelling and discovering some new places, then France is an ideal place for you. The countryside villages, mountains, beaches, and large cities would ensure you that relocation to France was a brilliant idea.



Amazing Food

Taste Fremcj cuisineFrench cuisine is known for its flavor and those who prefer freshly produced food, France is the ideal place. Your food market and local bakery in France would supply you with all sorts of amazing foods. There are numerous good eating out places, including the Michelin-starred restaurants, family owned cafes, and countryside pubs.


Unique French Culture

France has the most varied and unique cultures in the Western world when it comes to music, painting, fashion, cinema or architecture. Those who like exploring new cultures, France is the best option. This country has historical buildings like cathedrals, statues, castles, museums, galleries, and gardens.

Low Crime Rate

France is known for its very low crime rate and people can live freely without any fear of theft or other crimes.

Health Conscious

People do smoke and eat fattening foods in France, but the overall atmosphere is encouraging to stay active and fit. Most of the cities and villages are quite pedestrian friendly along with offering numerous outdoor activities. The simple attitude to life is another great factor as you would see a French person taking the stairs to the upper floors instead of waiting for an elevator.

Perfect for Wine Lovers

You will find cheap and amazing wines in France, which otherwise costs even twice or thrice in other parts of the world. There are regional wines, including blanquette, Armagnac blend, and numerous others.


Every town and region is France has its own celebrations and festivals. In Lyon, there is a Bastille Day celebration with fireworks and parties, then Marseille Carnival with street theatre. Jazz festival occurs in July. Similarly, there are 100s of other celebrations you can be a part of while in France.

The Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower in ParisLastly, this can be one of the major reasons for moving to France. It attracts more than 6.8 million people from over the world and those who come here want to come back again too. So, why not settle in France in keeping coming back for romantic times!

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