Things difficult to move

Avoid injuries and move with professionalsAs stressful as it sounds, moving from Surrey to a new place can be tiresome and troublesome at the same time. There are hundreds of things you have to manage at the same time; the worst of all is how to manage moving your household items to a new place. While you believe you can manage moving everything yourself, it is not a very wise thing to do. There are certain items too heavy, fragile and dangerous to be moved all by you.

These items are not just too delicate to be moved all by yourself but are also of great dangers to your health. There have been reports about people moving heavy items suffering from different kinds of spine and neck injuries. Avoid putting all the stress on your shoulders. Investing a like extra on a safe moving process is of no harm. It is always better to be safe than risking your important possessions.

Big screen TV

How to move plasma tv?We all know what a very common household item this is. You may think that moving this one is not a big deal but it is when the tragedy strikes you understand the importance of considering a moving expert or a helping hand. The LCD screen is too fragile with sharp glass edge corners and they are way too expensive to risk dropping them.

First, wrap your screen nicely with a bubble wrap. It is best to use the same box in which it came but if that’s not available purchase a one larger than its size. Carefully tap the box especially the edges. Chances are you have hired a mover for the heavy household equipment; consider using a professional Surrey man and van team for your big screen TV.


Workout equipment

Moving fitness equipmentWorkout equipment is not just heavy but difficult to handle because of its extended pieces and wires. Having a heavy base they are made for a stable position, once they are moved from a stable position it can be very difficult to have a grip on them. It is suggested to hire movers who are familiar with moving such items.

If you are hiring local Epsom moving company advise them to pack your machines carefully and while moving them out stay careful with the door and paint of your wall by avoiding contact with them.

Fish tank

An empty fish tank is as difficult to carry as a full one. A Fink tank is usually quite delicate glasswork. Make sure that at least 3-5 people involve themselves to carry a fish tank. Cover the fish tank in a hard carton to safely carry it. The benefit of doing so if that you can avoid the chances of slipping it from your hands. Avoid using plastic sheets for they are slippery.

Art pieces

Art pieces are never cheap. Any art piece you posse like a sculpture, delicate wall hanging, paintings etc. are the things you should always carefully handle without putting much force on them. As prone they are to scratches and damage, they must be equally handled with care and attention. It is suggested to leave your art pieces for the end. A bubble wrap is the most recommended packing material for any art piece. Allow the hired company to move your art pieces for you especially if you are planning overseas shipping from Surrey.

Washing machines and dryer

Though they come with tires, these things are difficult to handle. If you have hired a professional company ask them to transport such items alone with no other items to possibly thump with them.  Plastic sheets are the best material to pack these machines. 

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