Moving flat screen TV

TV and PC screens are very expensive. No one would want such expensive items to be damaged when they are moving to a new place. Anyone would hate to break such precious items. So, for that people need to take necessary precautions and preventions to prevent anything bad from happening to the TV and PC screen. There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind while the moving of the TV and PC screen. The size of the TV and PC screen and its weight is something that the person has to consider before even attempting to move it.

Moving flat screen with professionals

Hire professional team to move your TVThe first thing that the person must do is call people for help. Since TV and PC screens are heavy, attempting to move it alone might be a very stupid thing to do. If there are many people then everyone will be able to move the TV and PC screen to the moving truck or vehicle in a balanced form. You may ask your friend or family members to assist you with lifting your TV. This reduces the chances of dropping the screen and breaking it. If you  need to move just TV but don’t have any support available you can consider hiring Surrey man and van services. Such services very often offer single item removal services.

The best way to prevent any mishap from happening to the TV and PC screen is by hiring a reliable and trustworthy Surrey removals company which knows how to move it. The moving company will take care of all the belongings inside the house including the TV and screen, and take necessary precautions to keep them safe as well. Local removal companies in Woking, Epsom or any other Surrey area can either take care of all the packing, reloading and driving part of the move or just focus on the driving part of the move. The choice is yours. If you decide to use professional moving firm you will not have any problems with finding good moving team in Surrey area.

Packing flat screen

Use original box to pack your flat screen TVThe original package of the TV and PC screens are the best option to keep them safe. Many people have these packages lying around somewhere in their house. If that is the case then nothing is safer than the original package. So, while moving the screen just take out the package and put the screen inside it. This will give more security and safety to the screen during the move.

If there is no original package lying around the house somewhere, then people can just follow this alternative idea. They should place pads or blankets on the floor of the moving vehicle before putting the TV or PC screen on top of it. After placing the screen the people can start wrapping it to secure it even better. Besides that it might be a good idea to wrap the screen with blankets, pads or soft materials. Sometimes while traveling the screen might get banged on the surface of the vehicle. This might cause the screens to crack or get damaged. By wrapping the screen with blankets, pads or soft materials the screen will be somewhat protected from getting banged at the surface of the vehicle. Another alternative would be to buy a separate moving box for the screen and placing the TV or PC screen inside it. Of course, they must also place some soft materials inside the box for extra security.

How to transport TV or PC screen

PC screen secure movingPeople should also focus on how the TV or PC screen is to be laid in the moving vehicle. It does not matter whether it is a TV or PC screen it is strictly advised that people should never lay these items facing their side. By laying the items on their side, their screen will face more pressure. Needless to say the screens of the TV and PC are very fragile. Too much pressure can crack them. So, while placing the screens in the moving vehicle, it should be made sure that they are standing straight or tilt it to around 15 degrees and not more than that.

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